Space buns. X .check shirt

Happy Sunday guys!

How you guys doing? I hope everything is well….😊

So! how many of you like space buns?

Trends like space buns never go out of style…right?❤️

They were most popular back in 90s as the iconic buns  was created by Princess leia in star wars. Space buns are basically two messy buns on the top of your head.

And yes! I was too inspired by this look and tried to copy this look with the space buns.

So I wore a check red shirt with a black tank top and a high-waist denim and surprisingly it didn’t disappoint me. It looked nice with those space buns.

Made with Square InstaPic

Made with Square InstaPic

You may have notice that I always tie my shirts up in previous articles where I wore any shirt.. Ah! I really don’t know why I feel full open shirt gives you a less attractive look.

Made with Square InstaPic

As I said, this does not look nice as compared before.🤷

I bought :

  • Red check shirt from koovs
  • High-waist denim from Pantaloons,India
  • Black tank top from Max, India

You can pair space buns with high-collared outfits also,it would look nice and I recommend not to style space buns in  parties as it gives more likely a casual look.

YouTube have number tutorials on how to make space buns.So you can try this look and trust me it is super easy and does not takes much time and kind a suits everyone.


How many of you did know about this space buns trend? Do you like check- shirts? Let me know in the comment section 😊❤️

Thank you! for reading….I hope this post will prove helpful to you ♥️




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