Let’s talk about crop tops

Crop tops are something that can be wore in many styles and honestly they are my personal favourite. I recently watched a fashion show that was showcasing different crop top style and yes! I got so inspired.

Like crop tops can give you perfect look and makes you look stylish.

As I said before crop tops can be wore in many ways. You can pair it with jeans,skirts,traditionals and so on.No doubt crop tops makes you look pretty as well as funky.

Writing about crop tops makes me wonder how many of you know it’s history. It is comical to learn about the fact that crop tops were generally made for men. Like the protective gear of American football with no shirt resembles a crop top. If you do a little bit research on crop tops you’ll learn that in 1980s it was common to see a man wearing a crop top.

Eventually woman started adopting crop tops.It was largely confined to beachwear at that time but after sexual revolution of 1960s and 1970s it started to achieve widespread acceptance.Now crop tops are wore as “casual wears” also.

I suggest some following pairs with crop tops which will add up perfection in your look:

1. Crop top with high-waist or low level tights

2. Crop top with shorts

3. Crop top with mini skirts

4. Crop top with long skirt

5. Crop top with boyfriend’s jeans

Crop tops have some pattern too and following are some most common of their type:

1. Bell-sleeved crop top


2. Halter crop type


3. Frill sleeve crop top


4. Hooted crop top


5. Casual crop top


Which outfit you loved the most? Let me know in the comment section💕





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