Blogger recognition award

Hello everyone!

Hope you guys are doing well!

Today I am happy as well as thankful to be nominated for blogger recognition award by a wonderful blogger,Chiru. Sorry for being late though to post.

I must say chiru’s blog is a must read for you guys.His blog is full of amazing and interesting contents. Do visit his blog! for a wonderful reading experience.

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1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site.

2. Do a post to show your award.

3. Give summary of how your blog started.

4.Give two pieces of advice for any new blogger.

5. Select other bloggers for this award.

6. Let each nominee know you have nominated them and give a link to your post.

How my blog started:

I started my blog from July 2k18 and honestly that was my one of my best decision of my life. Though I am not able to post articles on a regular basis but still the love and appreciation I get from you guys is beyond my expectations.

I have always been a fashion enthusiast and wanted to share my thoughts about fashion and styling. So yes! that was my main motive to start this blog and the love I get here is bonus for me.😊

My advice for new bloggers:

  • Try to be regular with your posts unlike me😂
  • Make friends here! that will indeed help you. WordPress have some really amazing people out there.

I further nominate these amazing bloggers:

The Style of Terry


Thank you for reading❤️

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