MUMUSO Store Review

Hello world!

I hope you guys are doing well ❤️

Before penning down my thoughts on MUMUSO,I wish you guys a happy new year ( though I am late 😛) .May this year fullfill all your wushwi🤗

So this year I spent my new year in a quite different way. The day was somewhat usual for me. First time in years I was not that excited about the first day of the year So I decided to cheer me up and I knew what could help me. Any guesses?………………………… And yes I went for shopping! The only possible thing that could save my day.


So I went to a really pretty store yesterday in Park street,kolkata. As I had already bought clothes for new year so I thought to shop something different this time. I went to MUMUSO which is basically a korean lifestyle brand providing variety in goods like accessories to electronics.


Firstly If I talk about ambience and decoration. I would give 9 out of 10 for sure. The store is full of sophisticated goods with a girly touch highlighting mostly pastel colours. The shopkeepers were helpful too.

Coming to what I shop yesterday-

1. Sling bag:




I bought this really pretty bag at a much reasonable price. There was a wide range of  bags but this was catched my attention.

2.Metal Earphone:

I was really confused to buy this one as I was not sure about the quality but after I tested the sound the quality was quite good plus it comes with a warranty card so I was happy to buy it.

3. Cell Phone ring:


This one is really cute and it comes in a package of two so it was worth it.

MUMUSO also provided me with 5gift vouchers which made me more happy and this way MUMUSO saved my day from spoiling and I am thankful for that.


Have you ever shop from MUMUSO or alike stores? Share your views in the comment section.❤️

Thankyou for your precious time ✨


Made with Square InstaPic
Made with Square InstaPic



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